Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Spotted dick!

No, but really... here's our demo review from Maximum Rock and Roll.

Some things have been going on since we last spoke. We went in and recorded Labor Day weekend for what is planned to be a split 12' with the Brooklyn band Lost Coves. If all goes well, that will be coming out on Saw Her Ghost Records sometime in the not so distant future. We are just waiting on our final mixes. I believe Lost Coves are ready to go. The whole thing will be mastered by Colin Marston. He did the LC recordings too. We once again made jokes with our buddy Britton Ware. (Who rides Jet-skies???) On our end, 6 party jams for you to puke to. One, The Guest, that was meant to be on the demo (The computer felt otherwise. It may have earned an unlisted "producing" credit.) and another being a slightly improv, free form number about that filthy term "growing up" called Adult Themes. 

In other news, Brent got a job in in Nashville assisting in the removal of human organs. Shit will slow a bit as we adjust to our separation anxiety. Shows will be less frequent but we still plan on remaining as active as we can considering the distance. First practice after the move already yielded a new song. Our next show (and probably last for the year) is this Saturday (Nov 5th) at Sluggo's North with the aforementioned Britton and his band The Stacker Three for their 12" debut release party.  

Rock...Roll...and be soggy. Let's go whip some shitties!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Coozies Available Now!

 As the title suggest, coozies are available now. Email us at for paypal info. They are only $3ppd. We also still have copies of the demo tape available for $5ppd (or both for $7ppd) All prices listed are for in the US. Outside the US add $2. We will also have them for sale at Gravebounds last show. That is happening on August 20th @ Sluggos. It's all ages and it's free. Also playing are Unspoken Triumph, Faded, Coping Methods and Ghetto Bird. I assume you know what Google is, so use it to hear those bands. Ah, fuck it. Here is the info from the FB page with links and such...


The thorn in the side of the Chattanooga punk scene known as Gravebound is officially going to be removed. This is not just some ordinary "last show" though, it's also Chris Griffins (aka Dr Smoke Bitch aka Hot Pee aka DJ Grrl_Pusher aka some other stuff I'm sure) going away party! On top of all that, the show is FREE!!! Here are some links for the bands...

Gravebound... (Haters gonna hate) http://gravebound.bandcamp​.com/

Faded (Punching you in your third eye)​m/

Unspoken Triumph (423 Death)​m/unspokentriumph

Coping Methods (Posi HC Fun) http://copingmethods.bandc​

Ghettobird (hates the internet and you)

Also there will be an Inherent Records distro at the show. You can trade money for records. Neato!
In addition to that, the Failed Recordings cassette distro will be in full effect as well.

Starts around 9:30 I think. Don't be a fuckin' goof! Come hug Chris and mosh or something.

Flier Coming Soon!

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Want to read an interview with a couple of dumbasses (and Mr. Awesome)?

 Our buddy Bobby has a record store called Inherent Records in Cleveland, TN. In addition to that, he puts out a 'zine for his store called Corporate Design. In the second issue of this, he did an interview with Rough Rope (aka us). Below you can read the shit out of it. If you want to see the entire issue, go to Inherent and get one, or just click here for a. .pdf.


Q: Give the unfamiliar readers a description of who and what Rough Rope is and sounds like.

Ben: Rough Rope is a sweaty, beer drinking three piece that is hell bent on fun. We play sludgy, down tuned noise rock. Maybe if Pissed Jeans had to figure out how to play their set on Floor's equipment...or something.
Brent:: Rough Rope is a band that is simultaneously jealous and contemptuous of young people.
Jerry: Loud shit for drunk assholes.

 Q: are the band members in any other side projects or past projects that need to be mentioned?

Ben: Before I moved down here a little over two years ago, I was in the Detroit bands The Nain Rouge (noisy, downtuned hardcore) and Mean Mother (good time, beer drinkin' rock n' roll). Both have releases available on the Detroit based label Saw Her Ghost Records.
Brent: Jerry and I are in Gravebound together.
Jerry: Before RR, I was in the band Hoth for quite a while. I'm also in a "grinding d-violence" band called Gravebound with Brent. I also do a noise band with Chris from Gravebound called, "Neon Viking Funeral".

Q: are there any recorded releases available, something in the works or do you have plans to record new material for a future release?

Ben: We currently have a 4 song demo called "Demos and Wizards" available for free download at our Bandcamp site. We should have a cassette version of that in the next couple of weeks. We plan on recording some more songs this month for what we hope will be a couple of split 7" releases. They should see the light of day this some point.

Q: how long has the band actually been performing live?

Ben: 8 or 9 months now I guess. Our first show was in August of last year. We've been pretty fortunate to play some pretty great shows in that short amount of time.

Q: Aside from the Unsane cover (which I have witnessed in person) are there any other tunes you have thought about performing live?

Ben: We've played a Floor cover and our take on Black Flag's "Nothing Left Inside" out as well. There are more covers in the works. I'm really pushing for a PJ Harvey cover personally.
Brent:: I want this band to be open and not rigidly focused on playing one style. The covers we choose will reflect this. We are an equal opportunity ruiner of other people's songs as well as our own.

Q: who are a few of the groups that you would say influenced you to become a musician?

Ben: Definetely Nirvana. They made me want to pick up a guitar in the first place. A lot of stuff from that era though really. Melvins, Helmet, Unsane, the Jesus Lizard... The list goes on for me anyway. I think you can hear that stuff coming though in what we do. Also, I had this dubbed tape that strangely had the first Korn album on one side and Deadguy's "Fixation on a Coworker" on the other. I wore that tape out! haha I think it kinda influneced playing as well.
Brent: Metallica, Black Sabbath, and ZZ Top. Headbanger's Ball and my Dad's record collection made me want to be a musician.
Jerry: I wounldn't say a band inspired me as much as the group of people I grew up with did. Instead of being an observer, you participated. Plus, I really enjoy wasting money or replacing cybals that I beat the shit out of like a big dummy.

Q: who are a few current albums and artists you are listening to?

Ben: I've been listening to this band called Hawks out of Atlanta a lot lately. Their new album "Rub" is great! The new KEN mode album "Verenable" too! The new Graveyard album "Hisingen Blues" has been getting a lot of play as well. That new Northless album kills! The new Young Widows is growing on me...slowly... haha
Brent: KEN mode - Venerable, Ludicra - The Tenant, Cathedral - The Guessing Game, Electric Wizard - Witchcult Today, Asunder - A Clarion Call
JErry: Mercyful Fate/Venetian Snares/Absu/Scientist/Thin Lizzy/Despise You

Q: are you vinyl record collectors? If so, what is your prized piece in your collection and how did you acquire it?

Ben: Oh, hell yeah I am! haha Two of my prized albums are original presses of Black Flag "Damaged" and Dead Kennedys "Fresh fruit for..." w/ the poster. I was given those and a bag of fireworks as a graduation present from my stepdad's friend! haha That ruled! I also aquired a copy of Cactus "One Way...Or Another" with the original poster in tact that I was pretty fired up about. Jerry gave me Cherubs "Icing" on vinyl which definetely made my day. haha
Brent: I don't collect vinyl but I do have a pretty sweet Bolt Thrower picture disc.
Jerry: I wouldn't say I "collect", cuz that just makes me think of color varient chasing jags who keep me from being able to get a record I just want to listen to. Records are my music medium of choice though.I've also been into buying cassettes again, just due to the price. As far as the pride and joy of my records, I gotta go with my Slowdive and Neurosis collections (which I do listen to dammit).

Q: are there any plans for a tour in the works?

Ben: Who knows? I know we'd like to. We are older dudes though and have responsibilities to our selves and our families. We can't just pick up and take off like we used to when we were younger. Maybe next year after we have a release or two under our belts and Jerry's daughters are older. We'll see.
Brent: There will be an extensive tour of all Cracker Barrels in the tri-state area if my bypass surgery goes as planned.
Jerry: A tour may happen eventually, but we are for sure going to be hitting up regional areas very soon.

Q: this is the section where suture this over to you. Tell us whatever you want to talk about here. What have I not mentioned that you want the readers to know? Birthdays, favorite food, shows, albums you are looking for, contact info, etc... The floor is yours!

Ben: I like beer and pizza.
Brent: : If anyone knows of a decent place to get a Chicago-style pizza around here let me know.
Jerry: Thai food is nature's Black Flag

 In other news, we are about to go back in the studio to record our half of a split release of some size with our bros in Lost Coves that will be coming out on Saw Her Ghost Records. We won't have any shows coming up 'til August, but IImmahollatcha when those come up.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


 Well, it looks like people actually give a shit about this tape. So far copies have went to at least 3 continents.  Some blogs have been kind enough to post about it as well. Here's a bunch of links that are the equivalent to all us Ropers patting ourselves on the back.

 Also, if you live in the Chattanooga area and aren't able to make it out to our next show (June 25th), you can go by the following shops and pick one up for the same price as we would sell them to you.
If you don't live around here, check out the distro at Saw Her Ghost Records, or email us at roughrope AT gmail DOT com for paypal info. $5ppd US $8ppd WORLD.

 Speaking of our show the 25th, here's some info on that.It's at Sluggos North(501 Cherokee Blvd) and starts at 9pm. Also playing are SATANIZED (from Philly) THE SHAKING RAY LEVIS (Chattanoogas own next level experience) and BRAIN DRAIN (Nashville speed sludge (???) ). This will be our last show for a little while, so come out and hell raise/have fun/pout in the corner/I don't care.

Also big ups/hugs to our bros in Beast In The Field for making their way to our neck of the woods. Beer was drank, sleep was lost and ears were damaged. Good fucking times!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Pro pressed cassette demos available now. There are only 98 of these things in existence. $5ppd in the US or $8ppd anywhere in the world. This is just the physical copy of the songs that you can get for free on our bandcamp page. If interested, email roughrope AT gmail DOT com to get the paypal info. It's checked daily, so we won't keep you hanging if you send a request for imfo.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Shows this week and more!

 Well, the Braveyoung show that is happening this Thursday (the 24th) is at Pasha Coffee and Tea in St Elmo. Here is the address...3914 Saint Elmo Avenue. Starts at 9pm and is over at 11pm. Also playing is our drummers noise duo Neon Viking Funeral. 

  Also, we finally have some jams up!!! Here is a link to our LAST FM page! Here is a link to our BANDCAMP page,  Here is a link to THE CRUSHER OF DREAMS AND HEARTS!

 Like I said in the last post, our demo will be going to press sometime soon, as in this week. Also expect other consumer bullshit real soon.